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As OTT disrupts the way we view programs, advertisers need to establish a whole new way of reaching those coveted potential consumers. So how is success now measured? Find out here the top 5 ways to measure OTT success.

Professional gaming team Digital Chaos has claimed its maiden tournament victory this weekend after winning the gruelling ESL One series in Genting, Malaysia.

Digital transformation has become the catchall buzz phrase. Articles are simply shared on social media and do the rounds because that’s what you do. But what does digital transformation really mean to companies and individuals? Does anyone know?

Portugal seems to sneak under the radar most of the time. It rarely features in international news except as being the good economic student paying back its debts to the EU. But don’t let that fool you. The Portuguese have always been spirited adventurers and so the new world that is digital was always an inevitable draw.

In the US and Western Europe, about a quarter of all personal spending occurs around the Christmas holidays. In the eight-week period from mid-November to mid-January it all happens. Failure to carry the right products or miscalculate marketing and pricing, and a retailer could miss out on a huge slice of its potential annual sales with catastrophic results.

As winter takes hold the desire to shut the doors and stay inside is quite strong. This is the time of year where we catch up with a little reading and start planning for 2017. So, we’re offering you 5 of the very best white papers 100TB has produced in the past few months.

So snuggle up, pour something warming, find a little something to nibble and discover just what you’ve missed while you’ve been too busy to breathe, let alone read.