Announcing Our New Dallas Virtual Server Location

15th March, 2016 by

At 100TB, we are constantly scouting out the next best place to provide lightning fast services at all hours of the day and night. We know how important location is to our clients, and we are excited to announce our second virtual server data center in Dallas, TX.

We found it only fitting to use the metropolitan hub of the southwest as the place for our newest Virtual Server location. Just as Dallas connects the region, we now have the ability to connect more users to more service providers.

It’s the fifth largest city in the US and is known for far-reaching blue skies and a booming artistic community. You may remember the hit television show with the same name, but Dallas has grown far beyond the Ewings and their oil empire: Dallas is quickly becoming a contender in the global technology industry. Nearly two dozen Fortune 500 companies call Dallas home, and let’s not forget the vibrant startup community…

According to GeekWire, “Entrepreneurs, investors, community-builders, and economic development officers embedded in the Dallas startup scene all agree that the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is exponentially growing and on the verge of something special.”

Supporting Dallas Start Ups

North Texas has become prime startup territory and is attracting young, hopeful businesses from across the country, and 100TB wouldn’t dare miss out providing the infrastructure and services needed to help these young businesses thrive.

Our new Dallas data center will offer our Virtual Server products, complementing our existing Bare Metal servers available in our second Dallas data center, perfect for growing businesses and projects.

These speedy SSD-powered virtual machines are configured in RAID 10 for superior performance and unbeatable redundancy for maximum uptime. They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and we do not plan to disappoint. This is why the Virtual Servers in our new Dallas data center are specifically built for speed and with ultra-fast storage to run any application without any hiccups. You can find full details about our Virtual Servers in the servers section of our website.

Just as our servers are designed for optimum resiliency and speed, our data centers offer these characteristics and much more. We offer top-of-the-line power, security and cooling conditions that are monitored by our in-house staff around the clock. You can rest assured knowing that your data is being tended to with careful hands. You can find out more about our new Dallas data center location on its dedicated page.