100TB Tech News June 19, 2017

19th June, 2017 by

This week’s Tech News has seen a great deal of expansion with respect to CenturyLink’s cloud connectivity, the circulation of Microsoft’s data visualization software and the on-demand data storage expansion of Google Drive. CenturyLink has announced the launch of a new joint venture with Cisco Meraki to help companies to oversee their SD-WAN, wire and wireless related services through one managed enterprise solution. As a result, users will be able to access all their data through one cloud-based interface. For large organizations this will make widespread data management much easier, as employees will be able to log into the cloud system to access the data that they need.

 Similarly, Microsoft has released Microsoft Power BI Premium, add-on data visualization software offering that will enable users to create shareable projects to be distributed to individuals around the world. The increased data sharing functionality means data visualization software is much more accessible across companies. Rather than being relegated to specialist departments, Microsoft is offering a solution that will enable employees in all sectors of a company to get access to necessary data. The increase in supply of data across companies is very similar to CenturyLink’s attempts to help large organizations to have a better grip of their data supply.  

Finally, Google has announced that Google Drive will be getting an expansion on the 28th June. The expansion will enable Google Drive to monitor and backup files in a variety of folders, as opposed to being limited to the Google Drive Folder. After the June update, users will be able to backup files in any folder of their choice, from small folders to vast desktops worth of data. Though the free limit will be capped at 15GB, the capacity to back up or free in such a way will enable users to ensure that their data is at least partially protected. As our data becomes more separated across multiple devices, we can expect more companies to take the lead in offering free-backup solutions that distribute data between our devices.

CenturyLink and Cisco Meraki Team up to Bring Clients New Cloud Based System

CenturyLink launched a Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki, giving customers greater visibility into their SD-WAN, wired and wireless services. CenturyLink’s venture will enable customers to access their information through one complete cloud system. This means that clients will be able to cut down on the amount of components needed to access their data. Troy Trenchard, VP of Produce Management for CenturyLink, described the importance of the solution stating, “this new solution enables customers to minimize the number of devices on-site and easily access information through a single cloud-based interface”.

Current CenturyLink clients will be reassured to hear that the software will link with other CenturyLink applications like Managed Office and location-based analytics. More people than ever before will be able to access the data analytics solution. Shan Stark, Director of Vendor and Channel Relations for Carrier Access suggests that companies will be able to work with customers outside of their direct network. Stark suggests, “That it’s a good thing because it allows smaller IT shops like us to leverage resources to manage customers outside of our managed services footprint”.

Microsoft Releases Power BI Premium Data Visualization Software

Microsoft released a new premium version of its Power BI data visualization software at the Data Insights Summit in downtown Seattle earlier this week. On the new release, Amir Netz of Microsoft commented that Power BI Premium would enable users to create projects “that are fully dynamic and fully updateable” that can be distributed to “everybody”. With Power BI Premium, Microsoft is bolstering its data visualization power, and providing panoramic data oversights to people who aren’t licensed to use the software. Power BI has been around since 2015, available in 200,000 organizations from CA Technologies to Heathrow Airport.

More than ever, data is being circulated evenly around companies. Microsoft’s Power BI Premium release is part of a wider trend in the liberalization of access to data visualization software. It appears that data analytics has been confined to specialist departments and dusty managerial offices, but we’re seeing more companies facilitating the distribution of data across companies. Modern organizations need to have a strong grip on the data they hold, particularly with stringent regulations like the GDPR coming into effect. Developments like Microsoft Power BI Premium are directly addressing the inter-company challenges that have been plaguing businesses with regards to data management.

Google Drive Backup Capabilities Expanded

One of the major talking points was Google’s announcement that Google Drive is going to become a much larger, comprehensive backup tool later this month. Google’s expansion will enable users to backup entire folders, even if they are outside of the ‘drive’ folder. The new app called backup and sync will be out later this month on the 28th June. It’s expected that users will be able to edit common file types within drive but it remains to be seen how easily data can be synced across multiple devices.

The official Google blog post states the program will “intended to help everyday users backup files and photos from their computers so they’re safe and accessible from anywhere”. With regards to mobile devices, users will have access to files from smartphones and tablets, which can log into Google Drive online. Unfortunately there is one major drawback to the free service: the storage limit. Right now, Google Drive grants users 15GB of storage on free accounts. Users making use of the new expanded functionality will find themselves having to pay more for further storage.